Day/Night on the Town by Rachael Yemc

Ahoj! Today we explored St. Vitus Cathedral. In order to get there, we had to climb up what seemed like a million stairs (most of the soccer girls were at the lead, trying to impress Mr. Tallman). Even though we were breathless from our uphill journey, we were still able to revel in the cathedral’s beautiful architecture and exquisite details. It’s so hard to believe that something that extravagant was built so long ago. Afterward, we separated and explored that part of the city. I feasted on some amazing pizza, and then we strolled into some shops. After a long day of walking around, we got all dressed up to go to the opera. We watched a wonderful love story unfold before us (thanks to the English subtitles). One of the funniest parts of my day was laughing at how many times Noah fell asleep during the opera (5!), and then apologize over and over again.  
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