Day 1 Brad Nygren

The first full day of Prague was a day to remember. After enjoying our breakfast we immediately began our journey of exploring Prague and the surrounding areas. After taking several trains we arrived in a small town called Kutna Hora just outside of Prague that had a unique history and building. The town used to be a large silver mining facility that was used often and produced extremely large amounts of silver to be changed into currency, the group got the explore these mines and we saw just how hard it was to be a miner back in those times and the extremely difficult life they had. The unique building that was in Kutna Hora was a old church building dubbed The Bone Church, for inside of that building there was an extremely large amount of bones on display had a deep meaning. That being that all people are equal in God’s eyes so everyone who was buried there became part of the church and you couldn’t tell just who was where. After visiting the town we return by train to Prague where we had a nice dinner and returned to our hotel.

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