Blogggggg by Stephen Verde

After waking myself up with a shower I dressed for the day. Now ready, Austin, Noah and I went to a small cafe for breakfast and watched people stroll by in the early morning sun. The group met at the hotel and crammed into a small public tram to head to the castle over looking Prague. The castle stairs were taken offensively and we decided to see the rest of the grounds. The Chapel’s stained glass windows created hues on the huge stone pillars and created a sense of awe. We then went to see the castle coronation and diet hall. Royally hungry we walked down the hill for lunch, then for free time. After free time we all  got ready for the Opera. All dressed up we again loaded onto the tram, and arrived at the beautiful National Theatre. A romantic comedy slowly unfolded before our eyes in the Czech language, with wonderful singing, dancing, and instrumentals. The Opera ended and the hotel was once again in our view. Today learning to memorize the different ways to get back the hotel, and the complex customs of medieval Prague have been the most prominent. I was surprised by the amount of detail in the cobbled street patterns. I had a lot of fun dancing on the streets after the Opera , and Noah saw the love of his life, a carton of pop tarts, but was destroyed when he found out that he had already eaten all of them.  

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