Kutna Hora by Rachael Yemc


Today we traveled to Kutna Hora, a small town outside of Prague. There, after a lot of walking and a lot of train rides, we went to the Bone Church. I saw beautiful/creepy arrays of human bones. Most of the remains were from protestant and catholic wars and the plague. It was so weird being so close to so many dead people. After that (and a gelato run) we explored the city, especially the area around the cathedral. We took millions and millions of pictures. After lunch, we went to a silver mine. We actually were able to go into the mine (I was beginning to feel a little claustrophobic). It was crazy to think that grown men could squeeze into such tiny spaces on the daily. After another gelato run, we took the train back. I learned that all of the silver was used in the minting process, while copper was typically used to create other items such as jewelry. What surprised me is that I learned from a woman I was sitting with on the plane that most people under 20 in Prague knew how to speak English–she said it was an easy language to learn. One funny thing that happened was that every time we did something, Frannie would use a really funny voice and repeat over and over “I like it” (after writing this down, I feel like this is something you had to be there for).

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