First Full Day by Blair Arnell

Today we took the train to Kutna Hora, which was a small town with extremely beautiful views. We then walked to the Bone Church, which we thought was an extremely long walk, however by the end of the day our opinions had changed drastically. Next, we walked around the town and took pictures at a leisurely pace, which was my favorite part because we were able to take in the town. Then, we took a tour of the silver mines and I realized I had made the mistake of wearing sandals, which resulted in my feet becoming covered in mud and water. We then missed a couple trains and were walking at a pace faster than I could manage, which led to Kate and I being extremely stressed and this stress led to an unstoppable nose bleed. This was all forgotten once we got on the train. One of the main things I have learned from today is to appreciate time being able to not be walking and rest and appreciate Amelia Dudek for her foot massages. 

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