Day 1 by Amelia Dudek

Today was our second day on our trip. We traveled about an hour away to a town called Kutna Hora. It was much smaller than Prague, but still very beautiful! We first walked to the Bone Church. The Bone Church is exactly what it sounds like… real human bones (omg) were displayed around the church in different designs. There was a countless amount of bones and sculls all around the church. It was amazing to see. Next we walked to lunch and saw unbelievably beautiful views that no pictures can justify. The next part of the trip, which was my favorite part, was the mines. We put on hard hats and coats (very stylish) and went down into the mines which people worked in for years! I learned just how fortunate I am that I don’t have to walk down 20 flights of stairs to go to works and work in these horrible conditions. Prague has been absolutely amazing so far! I can not wait to see all that is in store!

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