Last Full Day by Ana Kleihege

Unfortunately, today was our last full day in Prague. As you can imagine, its extremely sad. I never want to leave this beautiful, breathtaking country. I will miss the stunning views everywhere we go and the active lifestyle that is here. We started off our day with a tour of the castle. We walked through old tunnels that soldiers used to used to get place to place secretly and unseen. At the end of one of the tunnels a hall was filled with the statues that were removed from Charles Bridge. I learned a lot of the history behind the statues and the castle thanks to Mrs. Tallman’s wonderful translation. Once we admired those, we quickly got out of there due to it being around 40 degrees and most of us were wearing shorts. Back into the warmth, we walked along the walls protecting the castle. The rest of the day consisted of walking around Prague to revisit all our favorite stores and see some new ones. My favorite part of today was when Sara, Mary, and I joined Mrs. Tallman to go look at fancy shoes that are designed for weddings and to eat cake with Ms. Ryan. OMG THIS WAS THE BESTTTTTTT CAKE I HAVE EVER HAD. I may come back to Prague just to eat that cake again. I feel as if I have lived here for months and that I fit right in. I’m going to miss Prague sooo much and miss seeing all these people everyday. Nashledanou for now, Prague. 

PS. Everyone say happy birthday to Ted!! 
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