June 10 – Vysehrad, Shop, and Eat by Sara Jania

On our last full day in Prague, we went to visit Vysehrad fortress. It was a place underground that was very cold and stored all of the old statues from the Charles Bridge to be preserved. After a tour of the fortress, we walked around to look at more views of Prague and then we all split for lunch and shopping. We all met back at the hotel when we were through with shopping to go to dinner. We went back to the same place we went Saturday night and I was so happy because it was my favorite place we have eaten at! To top off our final night, Vojta took me, Maddie, Mary, Alexis, Anna, and Angela to the Charles Bridge. We went to the bridge earlier in the week, but we couldn’t walk on it due to the floods. But it was finally open tonight and it was so astounding to see Prague lit up at night from the Charles Bridge! It was definitely my favorite part of the night! I’ll miss Prague so much. All of the students got closer than we already were, we met new people, and I’m pretty sure all the students don’t want to leave Mr. and Mrs. Tallman! I know this is a trip I will never forget and I’m determined to be back here soon!

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