Goodbye Praha by Maddie Bratton

Today, my friends, was a sad, sad day for everyone. It was our last full day in Prague! This has been the longest but greatest week of my life! I miss my family, but I don’t want to part from  this beautiful place. If only I could fly them out here and stay forever! Anyway, today consisted of taking a train to Vyšehrad where we toured the tunnels that the armies traveled through. If it weren’t for Mrs Tallman translating the historical background we would’ve been a tad lost so dekúji, Pani Tallman! Afterwards we stopped at some little pretty views and cathedrals and even a cemetery full of famous people- dead of course. According to Mr. Tallman, the writer of Rusalka–the opera we went to–was buried there. What seemed like an eternity later we split up into groups and headed to lunch. Being the girls we are, Morgan, Alexis, and I decided to go shoe shopping instead and when I say we crashed and went to heaven, please take it literally. We found the most fabulous shoe store and not to mention inexpensive! We were so pleased with our purchases we lost our appetite and went straight to the hotel. A few minutes later we walked to a convenience store and bought 400Kc (like $20) worth of chips and chocolate and junk, but it was absolutely fabulous! That was followed by a dinner of delicious fried chicken with lemon and my new great Czech friend, Vojta! Then Vojta took a select group of friends and I to see the Charles Bridge at nighttime all lit up- it was so jaw dropping and peaceful.

My favorite part of today was SHOE SHOPPING! I fell in love with the shoes I bought (yes I know I’m being a stereotypical teenage girl but hey it’s all in the cards). When I first saw the price it said 899Kc so in my brain I translated that to 440 American dollars and had a meltdown until Morgan actually got out a calculator and realized that they were $44.50. I was ecstatic!
I learned a lot of new things on this trip like when you’re packing, DO NOT OVER PACK! I was packing last night and I came across about 5 outfits I never got to strut in in Prague! 
Something that surprised me today that’s different from the US was that Czech gentlemen are actually gentlemen. For instance, they give up their train seat for any lady and wait for you to get off the train and then they get off. They are generally more chivalrous than the average American boy. 
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