Vysehrad Fortress by Morgan Kniola

Today we woke up and went to Vyšehrad. Vyšehrad is a military fortress that was built in the 10th or 11th century. We went about 200m and were partially underground where we saw beautiful statues of Wenceslas and his brother and grandma. We also saw a statue of St. Bernard and the Virgin Mary. They were very detailed. I couldn’t imagine spending my entire life there but it was definitely worth it. Along with the statues, there were glass pieces that, although they were very beautiful, did not go well with the theme of the old statues. We walked through the Vyšehrad gardens to Basilica S. Apostolorum Petri Et Pauli. Although we did not go in and tour it, we peeked through the door and again, it was very beautiful.

I learned that male chauvinism is when a man thinks men are superior to women and men can do no wrong. But Chauvinism comes from Chauvin, who was Napoleon’s right hand man and defended him no matter what. 

My favorite part, although it was freezing, was seeing the statues in Vyšehrad. They were so detailed and so beautiful and shows what we are capable of if we didn’t have Internet or tv or Facebook.
The thing that is so different between here and the US is that we don’t have old, beautiful sculptures like they do here. I wish we did because they are truly cool when you think that it took a life time to complete those works of art.

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