Vysehrad by Alexis Fontaine

Today, we went to Vysehrad. We explored the insides of it which was underground! It was freezing, but it was worth it. There were many statues and interesting architectural designs underground. The underground was used for sneaking around and secret meeting places back in the medieval times. The tunnel was scary, but it was interesting to look at. After exploring, we went to a higher point of Prague to see a view of the whole city! I took many pictures and the views were beautiful! Then, we ate lunch and shopped for the rest of the day! My favorite part of the day was shopping. I loved buying souvenirs for my family because I can’t wait to see how happy they are when they get their surprises! Something I learned today was about the armies. The French armies made the walls of Vysehrad their base in 1742. Something interesting about today was the unique collection of statues in the tunnels. A funny story today was when Ted was playing with my umbrella. He kept throwing it in the air and catching it in a fancy style. I took many videos and they looked pretty awesome. I had a fun day, but I can’t wait to see my family!

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