The Final Full Day by Evan Burkett

The final full day in Prague is here and it has been a rather good one for sure. We started the day by walking to the subway station and taking a train to the place in which the original statues from Charles Bridge are stored. After reaching the section of wall they are stored in there was a five minute walk through the walls to a very cold cellar in which the original eight statues are stored. All of the statues are beautiful and huge, it is crazy to think that hundreds of years ago some man sat there and carved these huge rocks to make these beautiful gigantic carvings. After leaving we walked to a large park and we were able to walk around and see another beautiful view of the city that we had yet to see. Today I learned that the city’s subway system runs through and under a bridge that goes over the river running through the city, you can see a large cement box underneath the bridge, this is what the subway travels through. My favorite part of the day was seeing the eight foot tall original statues in the cellar because of the realization that somebody created those with extremely primitive tools and they are still magnificent works of art. It was also surprising to see that the statues still appeared to be in perfect condition even after about 300 years, the statues could have been completed yesterday but because they are so well kept they appear brand new. With our last dinner in Prague coming up, it is a truly sad evening and I will never forget some of the experiences I have had in this past week as I prepare to pack my bag for the long trip back to America.

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