Prague Day 7 by Brett Barnard

For those of you who noticed the… the modesty behind my previous couple of posts, I wish to make it abundantly clear that TODAY’S blog will not follow that fashion in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER! Day eight of La Lu Prague was eventful, entertaining, and nearing the point of perfection. Not a single moment of the day went to waste.

Our day began with a return to the castle that we had visited during a few of our previous excursions. Our first stop was actually one that we had visited before, this stop was PRAGUE CASTLE. However, we took the time to appreciate all this landmark site had to offer in extraordinary detail, rather than simply peruse the more notable of features. Our first stop was (I cannot remember them chronologically, I’m just listing them off of the ticket___ Sorry) the Old Royal Palace. Let me blunt… this place was HUGE! While only a few rooms were open to the public, what we saw was enough proof to only hint the glamour of the rest. Our next stop was the Basilica of St. George, one of many beautiful cathedrals visited during our visit to the Czech Republic. This was one which was particularly notable through the murals which decorated its ceilings, various bas reliefs, and some beautiful pieces of a different design, hinting that they had been built a later date than the rest of the cathedral.

After traveling down the Golden Lane and enjoying a brief bout of souvenir shopping (a feat quite hard for some of us, seeing as the people that lived within Prague Castle were slightly SHORTER than their twenty first century counterparts) we entered the crown jewel of the castle: St. Vitus’ Cathedral! This cathedral is not only MASSIVE, when compared to the Basilica of St. George, but it is decorated with a series of magnificent stain glass windows which, according to Mrs. Tallman, took TEAMS of men years to fully construct! We followed this with lunch, at a restaurant that had once been a refectory (there was once a monastery on the castle grounds), we left for a brief bout of souveneir shopping, followed by a brief return trip to our hotel(s) in preparation for tonight’s dinner.

Dinner was held at a rooftop five star restaurant, renowned by many. We selected a wide variety of delicious dishes. I personally had duck breast with spinach, while Mr. Tallman sampled “rare” tuna. While there were surprises, we all left feeling satisfied.

After the seeming “briefness of days six and seven, day eight of Prague was an IMMENSE IMPROVEMENT. While it was rather long, and tiring for all involved, the weather was great, the locations we saw were beautiful, and all amazing. The truth of the matter is this, not a single moment of our day was wasted! I cannot wait for tomorrow!


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