Our Last Night in Praha by Anna Gronemeyer

Wow, this week has gone by so fast! We have seen, explored, trekked, and eaten a lot of interesting things over the past few days. Like today we visited an underground storage tunnel and exhibit of the original statues from the Charles Bridge, which was open today, yay! The statues on the Charles Bridge currently are just cement casts of the originals and aren’t affected by the weather as much. The tunnel is also used for art exhibits and a good place to cool down if it was super hot outside! Then we strolled through a beautiful park which had an amazing view of Prague’s skyline. Standing and staring over the tops of houses and buildings made me feel invincible! Angela and I went to the vegan Vietnamese restaurant for lunch again, where we ate deep fried cauliflower and sauteed veggies (my new favorite place!). After visiting multiple H&M stores, we headed back to the hotel before dinner to relax and lay in bed before heading out again. Dinner was good and Mrs. Tallman introduced us to her best friend Clara, who seemed very happy and overjoyed to be with her best friend again.
My favorite part of today was eating lunch and sprinting around in the rain, looking foolish while I used my shopping bag to cover my head. I also enjoyed a caramel gelato and an evening walk across the Charles bridge. A perfect way to end our last day in Prague.

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