One More Dawn, One More Day by Angela Mofield

Today was our last full day in Prague and we visited another castle. This one wasn’t a castle in the typical sense, but we did go underground where it was really cold. All that is really left of the castle are the surrounding walls. We also had the opportunity to see the original statues from the Charles Bridge. And tonight while walking around we had the chance to walk across the bridge and see their replacements.
Other than visiting Vysehrad Fortress we had some time to get lunch and do more shopping. Anna and I went to this vegan restaurant that we had visited at the beginning of the trip. I have never eaten as much vegetarian/vegan food in my life as I have this week, and it has been so good that I would even consider being a vegetarian if I didn’t enjoy bacon as much as I do.
By this time tomorrow I will be in Amsterdam for the night and my time in Prague will be over. It has been a wonderful experience to see the culture and history all around. Anytime I go to a place like this it just amazes me how old everything is and how much history is there. I’m sure I will be back again one day, but until then, nashledanou!
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