Maddie Day 7 -Fine Dining on the Rooftop! by Maddie Taylor Bratton

Today we started our day at the Pražky hrad which in English is called the Prague castle. It was so grand! We then ventured over to the Basilica of St. George and the Chrám sv. Vito (St. Vitus Cathedral). In my opinion, all cathedrals look the same, nevertheless it was gorgeous! We continued our day and strengthened ourselves with delicious Czech food at lunch. I ordered and consumed phenomenal goulash. There we all met one of Mrs. Tallman’s students Vojte and got to speak to him in Czech even though his main concern was English. After that we went to a giant old library. The rest of the day consisted of shopping and then our dinner was on the rooftop of a restaurant and it was magnificent. We were at eye level with the clock tower! 
My favorite part of today was obviously the rooftop dinner. Despite the rude waiters that didn’t appreciate my efforts of speaking Czech, the food was out of this world and the view was breathtaking. It was a very romantic spot even though I was riding solo for the night! 
Something I Iearned today–as well as Morgan and Alexis–was how to properly read where to go on the metro and carry out the task successfully, needless to say we made it back alive. After seven days of being in Prague nothing new surprised me, its pretty much the same old song and dance. A funny story was when Alexis wiped out on the cobblestones in my killer black heels that are impossible to walk in but she took it like a champ- beauty is pain!
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