Exploring Prague by Alexis Fontaine

Today we explored and shopped. Overall we had a pretty relaxing day! First, we toured a castle and a cathedral. The castle was massive and filled with unique objects. The most unique object was the crown jewels that were within a glass case in the castle. In the church, there were many magnificent designs. The particularly beautiful designs were the collections of stained glass that made up the church’s windows. They were colorful and bright! These were some of my favorite pictures to take. After this, we ate lunch & toured an ancient library. It contained old books which were thousands of years old. It also contained preserved sea creatures which were interesting to look at. After touring sites, we went shopping with our friends which, of course, was a fun time. I had time to buy souvenirs for my family members. Then, we all dressed up very fancy, and ate dinner at a very nice restaurant! The food there was absolutely delicious! My favorite part of today was the library. I loved looking at the sea creatures and seeing how old they were. It is interesting to know that they have been preserved for such a long time. Something I learned today is that the crown jewels in the castle weren’t the real ones. They were fake, and the real ones are being protected elsewhere. Something interesting about today was the inside of the church. The stained glass windows had unique patterns and stories on them. They were interesting to view and try to interpret. A funny story from today occurred on the tram. The tram was moving fast, and my friend Morgan was standing up instead of sitting down. The tram made a sharp turn and her feet went airborne and she almost fell down. Everyone was laughing. (sorry Morgan!)

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