Almost Over by Ana Kleihege

Today is the first day that it hit me that this once in a life time trip is quickly approaching an end. It seems as if I have been here for a month. I feel as if I know the city well and can get around to almost everywhere (maybe with an assist here or here). I’m loving strolling around the streets and going into my favorite shops to get a quick snack or coffee. That being said, today was my perfect day of just strolling around getting to pop in on all the little stores in the Old Town Square. However, walking around the Castle of Prague was quite the experience and trumped shopping. I felt right at home touring the ginormous castle and seeing the many elaborate rooms, including a jousting arena. Being that it is at the top of the “hill”, the view was of course stellar. Traveling down to where the lower class lived was where I saw something that never really occurred to me. The people were much smaller and shorter back in the medieval time, which meant all of the doors were tiny and their beds for two were the size of a single. It just made you think about how much we have changed over time. Hands down the best part of today was the dinner on the rooftop in Old Town Square. Not only was it the best meal I had had yet, but it was also one of the best views I have seen this whole trip. I never wanted to leave our table, it was the perfect end to the night. 

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