A Chill Kind of Day by Ted Schaetzle

Today was a more chill kind of day. We woke up and went to see the original statues of the Charles Bridge. We took the subway out of town a little bit and got off and walked through a park to a bridge. We then met up with a tour guide and Mrs. Tallman had to translate for us (she did a wonderful job). She led us into tunnels that were once fortress walls for defending the city from intruders. At the end of the 200m tunnel that was very cold and moist was a large, large room that the statues had been moved to. This was once a place for the army to store their weapons and gunpowder. Its the perfect place to keep something from eroding. After we took the train back to the city we were given money to go out for lunch. I had pizza and Starbucks afterwards. We then had free time, so I shopped and then went back to the hotel for a little nap before dinner. Dinner was at a restaurant that we ate at two days ago. Amazing food. Fun relaxing day. My favorite part was the underground tunnels. It was a great birthday.

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