Tram Flight by Morgan Kniola

Our first stop today was at the Prague Castle. We walked around the old towns there that were built with very small doors. I felt right at home. We also walked through St George’s Basilica. It was founded by Prince Vatislav I in the beginning of the 10th century. It eventually became a burial ground for princes towards the end of 10th century. The church was restored many times, the final one being in 1897-1903. We saw the crown jewels: the crown of St. Wenceslas. It was gorgeous. We visited a library with books that are thousands of years old and the preserved bodies of really awesome sea creatures. The rest of the day we spent shopping and had a five star dinner on a roof top.
Today I learned all about the old town of Prague and the castle. We learned about the old government and saw a ton of cool monuments.
My favorite part was the sea creatures in the library. There were some things I recognized and other things I’ve never seen before and it was interesting to see.
I was surprised to see how well decorated the cathedral was. The churches at home were no where near as beautiful as this one was.
Funny story though… We were riding the tram and the guy took a turn so sharp that my feet came off the ground when I was holding onto the railing. I was totally airborne. It was really fun and scary.

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