Second to Last Day in Prague by Evan Burkett

After what felt like not nearly enough sleep our hotel walked to the other hotel to meet the rest of the group and walked to Prague Castle; a political building which is similar to the White House. We spent about 2 hours walking through the layout of the area which had some different national embassies and it was a huge complex on a hill from which you could see the city spanning out for miles into the beautiful horizon. The roofs of the buildings were still red and shingled, surprisingly. After finishing the tour our group traveled back down the hill to eat lunch and then have free time until dinner a few hours later. Today I learned more about the government in Prague which was very interesting and somewhat similar to that of our own in America. I also learned more about how schools work in the Czech Republic, which is also similar to that of the States. The coolest thing that we saw today were the crown, scepter, and orb that belonged to the kings of Czechoslovakia, they were extremely extravagant and unnecessarily large, but just so cool. While exploring Prague Castle I was surprised to see the similarities between our two countries as I didn’t really think the two had much in common. Something funny that happened today was on one of the many trolley rides Morgan was holding on to the railings over head and when we took a turn very quickly both of Morgans feet left the ground and she swung across the trolley. With only one more day our nine long days ahead of us have quickly dwindled down.

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