Prague Castle by Rowan Whalen

Today we went to Prague Castle. It is like the White House of Prague. It was very cool and big. We got to see a lot of things in the castle grounds. We saw the golden village which was interesting and also the churches in the area. Then we went out to lunch and went shopping. We then went out to a five star meal which was delicious. I learned about the ancient weaponry and I realized how sucky it would be to live in those times. My favorite part was seeing all of the things that are really old and wondering how crazy it is to think that people actually used the stuff we saw. What surprised me was the size of the medieval people. All of the doors and houses were small and I had to duck to get into places. Something funny that happened today was that we were on the train and we took a sharp turn and Morgan held on and was lifted off the ground and was dangling in the air. Another successful and fun day in Praha.

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