Nightly Prague Blog by Evan Burkett

Our day today was spent walking to Charles Bridge and then proceeding to climb a very large hill to spend some time lounging in a park. Charles Bridge is currently blocked off to the public as the floods have made the government very cautious in their efforts to preserve the integrity of the bridge. After taking pictures of the completely empty bridge the group walked a few blocks to the hill and walked up to a park right on top. Once there we took some more stairs even higher to a structure that resembled the Eiffel tower. The view from this tower was breathtaking, you could see the city going on for miles and miles. Being on this tower I got to see how large Prague truly is and how it just spans through the landscape of Central Europe. Another surprising thing about Prague is that the roofs of almost every single building are identical in that they all are composed of red shingles.The coolest part of the day was seeing Charles Bridge, especially completely void of people, as Mr. Tallman said to us it is just extremely rare to see no one on the bridge and it is one of the first times he has seen the bridge like this either. The funniest thing that happened today was at lunch after receiving our bill it took me, Rowan, and Ted close to 20 minutes to figure out how to split it evenly; we finally ended up just not worrying about the little change and paying so we could go to starbucks.

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