My Feet Hurt by Johanna Guentert

I chose the wrong shoes today. I was informed early on that there would be “minimal walking” and it would be a sort of easy going day. This was not the case. We ended up hiking up the side of a mountain to the highest point of the city where there lies a replica of the Eiffel Tower that was built nearly 50 years after the original. The winding spiral staircase made me dizzy but the view from the top was incredible. I sort of feel like we do similar things each day; i.e. climbing to high places and taking pictures, but I can’t complain. When I made it down the spiral staircase, I had trouble walking because my right leg had a spasm and kept uncontrollably shaking. It kind of freaked me out but Ms. Ryan said that I just hadn’t eaten enough bananas. When running on pavement gave me shin splints, I was eating probably around 3 bananas a day, so I have been sort of avoiding them since then. I was also wearing the wrong shoes- they made the bottom of my feet feel as though there was no skin present, which is not a comfortable feeling. We also saw a very interesting group of statues. The first one is of a full man, and as the statues progress, the man is deteriorating, with less and less of a body recognizable. The statues represent the evolution of Communism, and the stripping away of humanity. I was fascinated and disgusted simultaneously. Today I learned to wear proper shoes and be prepared for any adventure. My favorite part was the fries I ate at the top of the mountain/hill- they tasted like heaven! Plus they came in a handy cone. Something that surprised me was how many married couples we saw hiking up the hill in full dress and tie for pictures- if I can’t do it in sandals I definitely can’t do it in heels! The women all had gorgeous dresses on. Well, until next time!! 

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