I Would Walk 500 Miles and I Would Walk 500 More Just to See the View from the Top of that Hill by Angela Mofield

Today we walked across the river and into New Town. But, before we went across, we stopped to look at the Charles Bridge which is centuries old. The bridge was closed because of the floods so we couldn’t walk across it. We walked down to another bridge and crossed over into New Town.

Once there we entered a park where there was a monument to the victims of communism. It was an interesting piece of artwork for many reasons. 1) For me, it was a new concept to think that a form of government was something that could be so detrimental to the people. Obviously, I understand that governments can control and kill whomever and whenever, but the idea that it was the type of government that was killing the people was an interesting idea. 2) The memorial itself was several sculptures of a man. Each one was deteriorated more and more. The last one was simply the feet of the man and nothing else. It is meant to represent how Communism destroys humanity. I loved the idea behind it and how perfectly it was conveyed in the sculptures.
After we looked at the memorial, we walked up a hill, or as some called it a mountain. At the top, we climbed more stairs to go to the top of a tower where we could see all of Prague. It was a beautiful view and well worth the walk up and down the hill. I feel like this trip has been a good jump start to my summer workouts, except for all the gelato and Starbucks I’ve been having.
Tonight, we went to a little restaurant/ bar that had more traditional Czech dishes. I’m mentioning this because I had the most delicious mashed potatoes that I have ever eaten. And besides that, I had pork wrapped in bacon stuffed with cheese. I just have to say, that’s my idea of a good meal.
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