I Get to a Point Where I Don’t Even Know What’s Happening Anymore by Angela Mofield

I honestly spent most of today in a haze. It was our second to last day in the beautiful city of Prague and it also was about a million degrees outside, until this afternoon when it decided to poor down rain in the middle of my shopping expedition.  (In case anyone was wondering, I did not have myself a Primark level haul.) 
This morning though, we hopped on a tram and went to New Town again. We visited the area where the castle that the president lives in is at. We even had the opportunity to go into a small part of the castle. This place was much less intimidating than the White House based on the fact that they don’t have snipers on the roof and let you within 50 feet of the outer walls. It was also relatively easy to get tickets, not something you have to call your congressman/woman six months in advance for. 
After that we had some time to go back to Old Town and do some shopping. However, more interesting than the shopping (I know, hard to believe there is something more interesting than shopping) was mine and Anna’s adventure on the Metro. We needed to make a few transfers to get back to our hotel area and somehow I believed we had already/didn’t need to make the transfer at one of the stops. It was easily remedied though and we made it back to the hotel in no time at all. Although that might have been because we were practically sprinting down the street trying to get out of the rain. We ended the night at a beautiful rooftop restaurant in the middle of Old Town Square.  
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