Days 4-5 by Madison Taylor Bratton

Today we took a lovely, comfortable coach bus to Česky  Krumlov for three hours. I really wish I could remember this bus ride but as soon as I got comfortable I was out like a light! Once we got there we went to our cute little hotel! The keys were so authentic. Then we went to lunch where we sat outside joined by a family friendly little park. The food was so astounding!! Then we ventured over to the castle of Česky Krumlov and the first thing we saw was two bears fiercely guarding the old castle. We ended our day by splitting up and going to dinner and then back to our hotel.  Today I learned that there were just random bears chillin in front of the castle. They were so cute! Something interesting other than the fact that there are castles is that people in the street got places to be and aren’t worried about your well being. I will make it noted that the Amadeus hotel in Česky Krumlov had THE most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in! 

DAY 5: Today was day 2 in Česky Krumlov. Not much happened because most of the day was taken up b a three hour bus ride so ill make this brief! We started our day by going up to the top of the tower and having a breathtaking view of the entire castle. It was gorgeous. We then went to lunch and my small group had such a phenomenal meal at a friendly little cafe. Then we stopped at some side shops and I bought a few lovely gifts for Mia familia.S/O Bratton family!! Then we got on the bus back to Prague and had dinner and just chilled the test of the day. I learned that the medieval life in a castle must’ve been hard and tiring because I was beat after all the stairs it took to get to the top. A funny story was all us students trying and failing to make an LL so Ms. Ryan could get a picture and everyone getting angry at each other.
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