Day 7 by Mary Keiley

Today was a relaxed day. It started at Prague Castle where we got to tour the palace where we saw the Czech family crown jewels and were able to see some more great views of the actual city  and learn about some past ruling families. Later we explored the little town and the cathedrals in the surrounding grounds. One hundred plus people are buried under one of the churches. The second one was a Gothic cathedral with extremely high ceilings and breath taking stain glass. While inside its hard to believe people built such an intricate and large structure with no power tools at all. After this we went into town and ate some lunch until we were allowed to explore and go shopping. All was going well until it started to rain. And when i say rain I mean downpour so that if you walk 10 feet your clothes are soaked. So Sara, who I was with at the time, and I ran to get an umbrella. Sara got one and said we could share but little did I know sharing an umbrella with Sara is not like having one at all. So after I was soaking wet and had enough, Sara and I hopped onto the metro from a different station and were still able to find our way back to the hotel in thirty minutes. I was extremely proud of ourselves for not getting lost and actually knowing where we were going. Once back at the hotel we changed into dinner outfits and went into Old Town to eat on a rooftop terrace over looking Prague. The view was beautiful and the food was excellent. its upsetting to think i only have two more nights in this beautiful city.  

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