Day 6 by Mary Keiley

Today started at Charles Bridge where we learned that King Charles built it in 1348 to connect Old Town with the New Town. Part of this bridge has old statues of saints that have been moved into vaults under the city to save them from weathering and replicas in their place. After crossing over the river we climbed a huge mountain that i almost died on but it was all worth it for the view of the city.  Later we went into a replica version of the Eiffel Tower and we all were able to get great pictures of the surrounding area. Once down from the mountain it was time to find lunch. We broke into groups again and were able to find places for lunch. 

Once my group found a pizza parlor where we all ate pizza of course we set off for some souvenir  shopping. I learned today that being out of shape and going site seeing is not a good idea and that it really is hard to order off a menu when you have to keep in mind water does cost money.  My favorite part of today was when we all were able to walk down from the mountain because that probably was the easiest walk on the trip so far. Its surprising to see how many people are active in Prague. Everyone walks or takes a public tram or subway. Everyone here is very quiet, which makes it easier to point out tourists. The funny thing that happened today was when i got my times mixed up and had to get ready for the day in under 15 minutes. 
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