Day 6 by Madison Taylor Bratton

Today w started our journey at the Charles Bridge. It was absolutely beautiful but unfortunately we couldn’t go on the bridge because of the flood but even just peeking at it was magnificent! Then we hiked up a giant hill to the Karel Hybek Macha memorial. He was a young romantic writer who died at age 26. We thought this was a tough hike and then we were slapped by reality to realize that that hill was just the beginning. The rest of the hill was agony but me, Morgan, Alexis, and Mr. Tallman stuck it out and ran up it- but only so we would have plenty of time to sit while the rest of the group was sill coming up! Then a select group of us climbed up a Czech version replica of the Eiffel Tower. When you get to the top of it, it is really stuffy and hard to breath so I snapped a few pictures and got to the bottom as quickly a possible. Then we went back to I.P. Pavlova and went to dinner. I learned today that the city flooded real bad in 2002 and now the city has a crew that can react quickly and protect the town and they are everyday heroes like the army or firefighters, etc. My favorite part of today was the statues we saw that represented communism stripping apart humanity. It displayed a fully constructed man and then as it went down pieces and pieces were missing and eventually man was nothing.  Something interesting that happened that doesn’t generally occur was there was this man calling himself the leader of our wolf pack and he was wearing man-pris and flip flops an I think he had a crush on Mrs. Tallman. ( for those of you confused it was Mr. Tallman)  a funny story that occurred was during lunch we went to a cute little cafe and whenever the waiter came around I would only speak Czech but he heard me speaking English, so he asked me “do you live in the Czech but study in the states?”  It made my day! 

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