Castle Tour by Ted Schaetzle

Today we woke up and went to a castle. It was beautiful and HUGE. The view from the top was once again amazing. The city looks amazing anyway you look at it. We toured the castle and the villages inside. We went down this alley that was one of the original castle streets. In the houses were set up rooms that were closed off and resembled how they actually would have been in that time. They were small but surprisingly high tech. After this we visited several cathedrals inside the castle. The space inside them was unreal and the stain glass was stunning. We then traveled to the courtyard and from there we went inside the main castle. Again the space inside was magnificent. My favorite part was the guards that stood perfectly still outside and walked in sync to their posts. After we finished touring the castle we then went out to lunch. I had goulash which tasted amazing. We then had free time to go shopping or explore the city in groups. I went inside several shops and then this huge shoe store that was several stories high. After I was done I had a couple hours until I had to meet up to head out for dinner, i took a much needed nap. Dinner was the best part of the day by far. We dined at a five star restaurant that was on top of a roof. The food was amazing, the view was amazing, and my group was amazing. Afterwards I had the best tasting crepe that has ever existed. Great day and great weather. 

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