Bloggggg by Johanna Guentert

We had to return to Prague from Cesky Krumlov today, which is a small town that is a three hour’s bus ride from the main city. Our hotels had larger rooms and excellent Wi-Fi, which is always important. My morning consisted of a tricky shower that ended up soaking half of the clothes in my backpack and a delicious breakfast in a quaint little room. In the morning we went all the way up in the tower of a castle and saw the landscape with the houses and the hotels and the brimming river from the flooding. We could even see the bears that we passed on the way into the castle. They were in a small habitat that you could view from above and they were so cute! After the tower we ate lunch, which for me was a small multi-vegetable salad. I have been eating very vegetarian for the duration of this trip, but I do not mind. After returning to the hotel Catherine and I got all dolled up for dinner and the rest of the night was a blast. We made some friends at dinner- two older Portuguese couples that were very into futbol. We talked about everything and had a fantastic night. Today I learned that buses are not comfortable to sleep on unless you’re so exhausted that you could practically sleep standing up if it came to that. My favorite part of today was meeting the Portuguese couples and talking for so long. The one thing that keeps occurring that surprises me and is very different from the U.S. is that Czech people are so incredibly quiet. On the trams they are silent, and especially in restaurants they speak in a low register. My voice tends to carry and Mr. Tallman is often embarrassed and asks me to talk lower. I’m still learning how to keep quiet but in America I can talk as loud as I please! To them, Americans are not only lazy and fat but now loud and disapproving of having to pay to use the bathroom. (#stillflustered)

Nevertheless, I’m always having a blast!

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