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Today we started off at the Roman Catholic church of St Ludmila. We only stepped inside for a few minutes but you could really see how old and beautiful it was inside and out. We then walked over to the Charles Bridge built by King Charles IV in 1348. He was an excellent king and is printed on all the crowns(money) here for his good work. We then, after being told we would not walk much and we wouldn’t walk up hills, walked up a huge mountain which took about 30 min. I was proudly at the front of the group after convincing myself I would not die on this mountain. We got to the top, and sat for quite sometime, regrouping ourselves. We then climbed up a replica of the Eiffel Tower to see the entire city. After that we walked around Old Town Square and shopped around for a bit. Then we went to dinner and walked around the city. I’m really starting to like it here.
Today I learned how to say many different phrases in Czech like: “What does it cost?” And “Where is the restroom?” I really enjoy learning more of the language so I feel like I belong more in the country.
I find it interesting how well the people here are willing to help us speak their language where in the US if we don’t understand their language we just look lost.
My favorite part of today was using my newly learned Czech phrases on the people who are native to the language.

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