Another Beautiful Day by Anna Gronemeyer

Today we ventured to the castle of Prague which was very unique and ornate. Coming down the stairs is much easier than going up I’d say! I have never trekked so many inclines and hills before, I feel like a pro now! Lunch today was delish. I had fried cheese and potatoes, and i think everyone else enjoyed it as well. Mrs. Tallman’s Czech student joined us for lunch and some shopping after. We took a quick trip to the oldest library in Prague where there are books from the 13th century preserved, which was neat to see. Shopping is what all the girls were looking forward to today and the stores are awesome here. Then it was off to dinner at sunset on a terrace, overlooking the rooftops and monuments of Praha. The view is indescribable and the sky after the brief rain was beautiful.
My favorite part of today was dinner. Sitting eye level with the sun is quite spectacular and just being in the company of friends was enjoyable. The food wasn’t too shabby either!
A story to share from today is when Angela and I had to return to the hotel after shopping. As soon as we got out of the indoor mall, it was pouring and we were the only ones without umbrellas, running to catch the subway. It was kind of confusing to figure out the route back to the hotel but with only one wrong stop, we made it back. I’m glad i had Angela with me, or else I’d still be riding the train right now!

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