The Village of Cesky Krumlov by Ana Kleihege

To begin the day, we headed over to the bus station in order to get to the beautiful village of Cesky Krumlov. With the cobble-stoned streets, the castle, and the gorgeous gardens, it felt as if we were in a movie. It was almost too perfect. What I learned that was particularly interesting was the style of architecture that the castle was done in. The walls were all elaborately painted with  murals and imitations of stones. My favorite part was most definitely our dinner. The restaurant was entirely vegetarian, which made it perfect from me! I was finally able to have a meal that I favored! The flooding in the city was very noticeable and should have effected the village pretty harshly. However, to my surprise, the town went on with their business and was hardly stopped by the rapids two feet from them. After a wonderful day, it feels great to lie down in bed at our quaint little hotel. Nashledanou for now! 

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