Sleeping In by Ted Schaetzle

Today me, Evan, and Rowan overslept and woke to a series of phone calls and door knocks. Even though this slowed us down, it did not stop us. We missed breakfast but a Red Bull kept me going. We went to Charles bridge which was awesome but closed due to the flooding. This ended up being a good thing because we could get pictures of the bridge totally empty of people. Normally the bridge is lined with vendors and tourists, as well as everyday people that live close by. After this we walked up a very, very, very long series of steps and ramps that led up to an observatory that overlooked the entire city of Prague. This was my favorite part of my day for sure. After this we went out to lunch. My lunch group was Evan ,Rowan and Brett. It took us about an hour to figure out the bill. The waitress looked at us like we were crazy. Following lunch we stopped at a Starbucks. We then headed back to the hotel and cleaned up and headed to dinner. I ate the best soup I’ve ever tasted along with an amazing burger. The food here is on point. After dinner we headed to Wenceslas Square in Old Town to walk around and shop. Another amazing day here in Prague. 

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