Prague Days 5 and 6 by Brett Barnard

Our fourth (technically our fifth) day in the Czech Republic went off with a bang! That is to say, it was an enjoyable, hysterical, memorable, and all in all unforgettable experience. We started off the day in a rather tired state. That is to say, we all had to get up an HOUR earlier than normal so we could make our bus to Cesky Krumlov, a beautiful town which lies about three hours away from Prague.

It was there, in Cesky Krumlov, that we had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Tallman’s wonderful and overall lovable parents for lunch at a wonderful Italian restaurant. While we sampled a wide variety of dishes, I personally tried Gnocchi a Pollo (that’s Gnocchi with chicken for the non-Italian speakers reading this blog. The location in which we took our noon meal was particularly notable as it offered its patrons FREE REFILLS on water (quite a rarity in European restaurants)!

After lunch, we took a slight detour to visit an art museum containing some of the works of an Austrian artist named Egon Schiele who lived in Cesky Krumlov. What I can remember is this: he was an artist who was died of Spanish Influenza when he was only twenty-eight years old. After a seemingly nonstop bout of souvenir shopping, we finally reached the grand finale of our daily adventure… da, da, da, da! The castle!! While we were unable to access the tower, we were able to view much of the gardens and surrounding areas. After several huge wrong turns, we made our way to rendezvous with Mrs. Tallman, who was quick to reprimand MR. TALLMAN for abandoning her with her parents, while he went off with us to the previously mentioned art museum. However, she was able to achieve her vengeance after purchasing several scarves without his knowledge, and then making it quite clear that she would wear them, WITH or WITHOUT his consent.

After a delicious vegetarian dinner, we all took the time to enjoy what the night had to offer. That is to say, we CONTINUED with our previously mentioned souvenir shopping, where I essentially completed my Christmas shopping for the entirety of next year. After taking the time to return to the castle and enjoy the… serenity of the moment we returned to our rooms and retired, hoping that our second day in Cesky Krumlov would be even more enjoyable than the first!



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