Prague, Day 7 by Brett Barnard

Our seventh day in the Ceska Republika was short, sweet (slightly deceitful) and to the point. That is, it was not as eventful as was originally implied, but ‘twas still successful, entertaining, and all out fun!

Our day started off with a slight detour. Due to the fact that the flooding (mentioned in previous blogs) had disabled the functionality of the Terezin Concentration Camp, we were forced to make other plans. Therefore, we decided that we would travel to the Old Jewish Quarter as an alternative. HOWEVER, as we had forgotten that this particular day was a SAATURDAY (the Jewish Sabbath), the Jewish Quarter was CLOSED! Therefore, we were forced to rethink our plans AGAIN! However, we, always being the opportunists, were quick to address this little debacle efficiently and modestly.

As our planned sight-seeing had been quite rudely deleted from our itinerary, the Tallmans (and Ms. Ryan) decided that it was only fair to treat us to a little adventure on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER!!! SO, they took us to a massive hill which we were all then allowed to climb. While some of us were not as prepared as others (due to a misconception that there would NOT be a lot of strenuous walking or climbing of hills during THIS particular day) we all made it to the top swiftly and safely. Once at the top, we began an even longer trek. This time, it was an ascent up a replica of the Eiffel Tower, only not nearly as big, and white instead of bronze. After a rather tiring climb up a never-ending spiral staircase, we eventually reached the top, looked around for about fifteen seconds, and then made the same climb back downwards. After lunch and some honest souvenir shopping, we returned to our side of Prague, to enjoy our evening meal, and recount our adventures towards one another.

Going to wrap it up for tonight… was there anything I have forgotten? OH, Yes, I forgot to mention the statue! Before we all took our climb up the Eiffel Tower we came across a statue, or rather a series of statues which had been constructed before the fall of communism within what, at the time, was Czechoslovakia. This statue showed a series of men, slowly being stripped of any and all traces of their humanity, and was meant to symbolize how communism was effectively doing the same.

While being somewhat erratic, Day 6 of Prague was still just as incredible, enjoyable, and as memorable as its predecessors. I hope that I shall not be disappointed as this trip continues, as it has unquestionably been one of the best experiences of my life thus far.


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