Prague, Day 6 (The REAL Day 6) by Brett Barnard

Day five Prague was an unquestionable success! After returning to the tower that we were shockingly denied entry to the day before, we were finally able to make it to the top and witness the amazing view which was presented to us. While the climb was slightly more arduous than previous climbs, it was still worth every last bit of effort. When we descended, we were forced to make our goodbyes to Mrs. Tallman’s wonderful parents, so we could both return to our respective domiciles. Afterwards, we all boarded the bus in preparation for the three hour return trip to Prague!

Once there, the real fun began. Upon our arrival, we wasted no time in heading off to our evening meal of the day (Italian), where afterwards, we embarked on another extensive bout of souvenir shopping, where we all took the time to absorb the highlights of Czech culture. I have to make a small confession. I have been seeing someone without the knowledge of my fellows. That is to say, that during our fifth/sixth day in the Czech Republic, I personally found myself making introductions to a fellow by the name of Krtecek. Before people start making any kind of wild accusations, I want to make it quite clear that Krtecek is not human. That is to say, Krtecek is a friendly, mute mole and a beloved children’s icon within the Czech Republic. Me, being perhaps the world’s GREATEST UNCLE IN THE HISTORY OF EVER, chose to be a gentleman and bring Krtecek (or rather a plush toy of him) back home with me to the grand old US of A, to present to several small children I know (or will get to know soon).

That’s all for today. I apologize for the briefness of my blog. In conclusion, I still need to mention what it was within the Czech Republic which surprised me, so I will state this: ‘twas the flooding which surprised me. I’m not implying that I was swept away by some massive flow of water, what I am saying is that, while we were in Cesky Krumlov, life still went on, despite the painfully apparent fact that many parts of the city were either partially or completely submerged under the riverbed. Everyone still went about their lives in a calm, orderly demeanor, as if nothing had even happened. We even had the pleasure of eating in a restaurant that was so close to the flood, that our table was bordered by sandbags! That’s all for tonight. Thank you, I’ll be here all week!


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