Improv Day by Ana Kleihege

Today was a day full of improv due to the cancellation of the concentration camp because of the flooding. Thankfully a little water can’t stop us from having a good time. However, we were hit again with a little road bump when we realized our back up plan was also closed. So we ended up walking around town and climbing up a large “hill” (which in reality felt like a small mountain). On top of the hill was a view over looking the city, which was by far the best view we have had yet. The entire day, though not planned, ended up being the perfect combination between relaxing and touristy. The most interesting thing I saw today was the statue that showed the progression of communism. It was inspiring and made you think about what it did to the people living through the time. My favorite part of today was being on the “Eiffel Tower” on top of the hill and being able to see all of Prague from above. It was a picture perfect moment. The most surprising thing about today was the way everything closed early at night. If we were in a city like Chicago, the streets would be alive and there would be plenty of stores open at night. Here they all closed up shop around 9 or 10. Despite all of the hiccups in our plans, we managed to have another great day! 

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