Bye Krumlov, Hello Prague by Alexis Fontaine

Today, we had an interesting and relaxing day. First, we took a tour of the castle and took lots of pictures. After that, we were allowed to roam free around Cesky kumlov and get lunch. We ate our lunches and took the three hour bus ride back to Prague. We arrived back in Prague and ate a very nice dinner. After dinner we were again free to roam around Prague and shop! My group and I walked around, took lots of pictures, and enjoyed our night. 

My favorite part of today was being able to walk around Prague. The lights on the buildings were beautiful at night and the activities were all around you everywhere you turned. There is always something to do here!
Something interesting that I discovered today is that the escalators to get to the subways are HUGE!
The most surprising thing about Prague at night is the amount of fun activities that are available to do!
A funny story from today is the issue that Maddie and I had with using the bathroom on the bus. The bathroom was located on the stairs where people got on and off the bus. Maddie and I thought it would be extremely awkward to use it in that specific area on the bus. We were very scared, but we eventually got the courage to use the restroom. It was in fact as awkward as we thought it would be…


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