The Church by Jack Henderson

Today we did a lot of power walking just like yesterday, even a bit of running. I started my day off waking up late and going to eat breakfast downstairs. The sausage and food was different but in a good way. I loved the taste of it. We took a train an hour away so we could go to the bone church. Before the bone church we went to a mine shaft and it was very small and narrow. Everybody wore pointy white hoods, so the small space to squeeze through made me nervous but a couple of my white-hooded peers did too!  It was wet, cold, dark, and a bit crowded but I loved it. We then went to a church where the basement is basically made out of bones. Human bones from about 40,000 to 70,000 people were in the church basement. Then after all the touring we power walked to get gelato. It tasted great and was very refreshing before we had to sprint to our train. We then rested and went to a nice pizza restaurant where water wasn’t free.

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