First Day by Jack Henderson

I arrived at school and was ready to go to Prague. We literally either ran or power jogged everywhere we had to go. We flew to Amsterdam and found out that we had to stay there for an extra twelve hours because we missed our flight. That was rough because I was just on a plane for eight and a half hours. We toured Amsterdam and it was amazing. The architecture was beautiful, the graffiti was spectacular, everyone rode bicycles happily, and the transportation system reminded me of home. We accidentally got on the wrong train and we had to quickly get off and I helped hold the train doors open. It was a very hectic time getting from place to place, but once we got to where we were going things eased up. It was tiring and a lot of walking but I wouldn’t pass up the chance to be in Amsterdam so I’m very glad it happened. I like to think of it as an unexpected surprise. We went back to the airport and took an hour and a half flight to Prague, finally arriving and getting to the hotel at midnight.

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