Day 1, 2, and 3 by Ana Kleihege

Day 1: Today was a whirl wind of ups and downs that lead us to unexpected adventures. After our semi-delayed take off from La Lumiere, we  successfully made our flight to Amsterdam. This is where the story gets interesting… We sprinted through the crowds of people weaving in and out of the masses, only to discover that the plane is long gone and that the next flight is in twelve hours. Here we are, in Amsterdam, with fifteen teenagers. You could image the Tallmans’ and Ms. Ryan’s excitement. However, despite the little hiccup in the plans, we ended up having a marvelous day walking around Amsterdam. We took a tour of the city by canals, indulged ourselves with the signature Amsterdam fries, and were able to get a feel for the culture. The most important lesson I learned today is my need to improve my packing skills. Carrying around two fifty pound bags going in and out of trains and walking down cobble streets is not the easiest thing in the world to do. I certainly got a workout. Topping the charts for my favorite part of the day must have been roaming around the tiny streets in Amsterdam. I’ll never forget it! The culture there is very contrasting to the US. The most notable difference being the friendliness of the people. The “Amsterdamians” were always smiling, saying hello, and just always accommodating. Overall, it has been a great start to our Bohemian adventures and I can’t wait to discover more of Europe. Right after I get some sleep!

Day 2: Our European adventure continued today with a trip to Kutna Hora. The village was gorgeous with its breathtaking views, grand cathedrals, and a church decorated with bones. The most interesting and surprising thing I saw today was most definitely the bone church. Initially, we were all freaked out, yet were taking thousands of pictures. However, reflecting on what happened to all those people really hit home. The effect of the Black Plague was immense and that was reflected in the massive chandelier and the piles on piles of bones. My favorite time today was when we went through the mines. Even though I can get very claustrophobic, Jo and Alexis helped me get through the minuscule walkways and saved me from a panic attack. The final event of my night was having to face the ghosts in our room. The haunting has just begun…. AHH!

Day 3: Today was the first day we actually got to experience the city of Prague in its entirety. As we walked around, you really got a sense of the diversity of architecture that the city has. The most extraordinary place we went to today was most definitely the Old Town Square. Being able to look down on the square was such a sensational feeling. I especially enjoyed watching the street performers including the gold and silver men, the bubble blower, the midget man, and the jazz band. The most interesting thing that I saw today was the astronomical and zodiac clock tower. The details that went into the clock is mind blowing. What surprised me most today was that the types of food that we have in the US are almost identical to the ones here. Of course there are some differences, but overall an American can eat the same way here as they would in the US. However, the proportions are much more reasonable here. What a wonderful day, I cant wait for our overnight trip tomorrow. Buh-Bye for now!

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