Dancing With the Hare Krishna by Alexis Fontaine

 Today, we had yet another fabulous day! We explored the city of Prague and it was GORGEOUS. The sites were amazing, the weather was perfect, and there were many fun activities to do. We went to the top of a huge tower that over looked the entire city, we danced with a religious group, and went shopping! We also learned a lot about the culture of Prague as we were exploring the city. The city was absolutely beautiful! 

2) My favorite part of today was shopping with my friends. Sara, Mary, Maddie, and I went to many stores and we bought some unique clothes. It was also neat to view the other stores that we don’t have in America. 
Something interesting that Maddie and I discovered today was that KFC only serves PIECES of chicken, not buckets. We asked for a bucket and they proceeded to give us two pieces of chicken. This was our dinner…
The most surprising thing about Prague is the many sites you are able to see and learn about.
My favorite part of today was dancing with a religious group. Maddie and I, being the goofy individuals that we are, proceeded to randomly join in on a religious dance. A group of three men were dancing down the streets of Prague singing a song and Maddie and I joined in. We smiled, sang, laughed, and danced with them. It was a lot of fun!
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