Architecture and Communism by Morgan Kniola

Today we stayed around Prague. We started off by visiting one of the town centers where we were able to see the old architecture of some buildings before the communists. It was really beautiful. We also saw the memorial of two young men who sacrificed their lives during a protest. We then went to more town centers where we held parrots, went up inside a clock tower to see the whole city, and took a horse and carriage ride. The clock was exceptionally awesome because it told us the position of the sun and moon which as well as the date. On the hour, we watched the twelve apostle dolls come out of little windows. We climbed up the clock and saw the entire city and places we will be visiting later. Then we got all dressed up and saw the original version of the  little mermaid in opera form, which was really cool. But very long. Now, I’m really tired.

Today I learned about the history of Prague under communism.  My favorite part was that all week Mr. Tallman is ahead everybody and today he managed to not get on the same train as everyone else twice in one day!

I was surprised to learn about how bad communism was here in Prague and the effect it had on the people living here.

today we also danced with a religious group which was seriously so fun. We had a blast and looked awesome, and it’s on video.

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