There’s a Lot of Stuff Going On by Angela Mofield

I’m in a state of complete exhaustion where I don’t entirely remember everything that has happened. The smaller things are running together in my head. Like what I had for lunch today, but I remember now, and it was delicious. 
Other than that,  we finally had the chance to visit central Prague and Old Town Square. If you ever go to Prague, you absolutely have to stop in and look around for awhile. It has magnificent old churches and buildings. We climbed to the top of one of them and got a complete 360 view of the city – I felt like I could see all of Prague from up there. This tower also houses an elaborate astronomical, mechanical clock. When it was built it was the most accurate of it’s time. It has numbers to tell the time and astrological symbols to tell what time of the year it was. 
After our walk through the city we had some time to grab some food. Anna and I stopped in at the KFC on the corner. I just gotta say, it was really weird. The woman who rang us up didn’t speak English other than a few phrases and we don’t speak Czech other than a few phrases. It was very much a time to point and shake our heads moment. However, she did seem very pleased when we were able to say thank you in Czech, “děkuji!”
Our final stop of the day was to the much anticipated trip to the National Theater to see a Czech opera. Not only was it a beautiful building but it was an amazing performance. This was the first time I had seen an opera, and it was a great experience. Even though I didn’t understand them, it sounded absolutely beautiful; plus, there were subtitles so I could follow along. It was a great night and we were all able to get dressed up and enjoy ourselves. Thankfully, there were no unnecessary circles today.
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