Praha Old Town by Evan Burkett

Today was a day which had much less of a tight schedule and was filled mostly with walking around to the many different shopping opportunities in the Prague Old Town. After being able to sleep in we took a trolley to Old Town. While exploring some of the different stores that we do not have in the States we often stopped and thought about how strange it was to pay 400 crowns for something small like a single tee shirt, even though that 400 crowns is only equal to about 20 bucks. After exploring, everyone went back to our own hotel rooms to get ready for watching an opera at the National Theater. The opera was basically the original version of the Little Mermaid, it was surprisingly interesting and all in Czech. The day was filled with learning things about the Czech Republic’s independence and freedom movements, which was incredible to learn about. Some people actually set themselves on fire in protest Soviet occupation. When we were able to go out to dinner on our own, Rowan, Ted, and I were all set to find some super interesting and different place to eat at, however these plans were withdrawn as the nearest McDonald’s was too enticing to pass up.

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1 Response to Praha Old Town by Evan Burkett

  1. Cassandra Burkett says:

    Gotta love McDonalds! Love reading about all your fun adventures!

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