Den Obě Na Praha by THE Madison Taylor Bratton of New Carlisle 6/4/13

Dnes jsme se vydali do Kutna Hora— just kidding i’m not writing this entire thing in Czech. One may ask “What did we do today?” And now my friends, I’m going to spew the eventful scenarios that occurred in todayos adventure. We started our dreary hike around the lovely city of Kutná Hora. The walk was agony but that’s just because I was risking my comfort just to walk the cobblestone runway in style with some unsuitable shoes- but hey, its pays to be fabulous! It was however, a beautiful stroll with magnificent buildings and pathways as surroundings, so I stuck out the pain just for you Praha. Our first, brief pit stop was of the jaw dropping “Katedrála sv. Barbory” (St. Barbara’s Cathedral.) This was perfected and finished by various architects considering a span of 500+ years were necessary to complete the beauty. But back in 1388 Jan Parléř did a velkolepý creating a foundation and image for the landmark. The Gothic edge to it was mesmerizing and captivating. Next we ventured over to the silver mines! Let’s just say all those elementary times of being picked on for being a “Shorty” really did me some good on this expedition. While all those tall folks were wedged in the narrow, low spaces crouching and struggling, I was strollin’ through with a smile on my face and carefree as a bird! Our last, and in my opinion MOST AWESOME, trek was the Bone Church, but don’t let this title deceive you because it was not MADE out of bones. However, it might as well have cause It was drenched in Bones of the deceased from the Black Plague. I’m not lying when I say this place was dolled up head to toe with every aspect of a skeleton. Then we ate dinner, and Prague food is wonderful!

I learned a boatload of interesting things but I don’t want you to have to read this blog entry for the rest of your summer, so i’ll sum it up with the most interesting thing I learned   is that the Czechs are very appreciative of an American making an effort to communicate with them in their fluent tongue even if it’s a choppy accent or the most basic of phrases. Whenever I attempted a conversation they were very kind and always smiley! 

My favorite part was definitely the Bone Church! It was so weird but unique and I loved it so much! It was chilling to look at but also interesting to see different blows into skulls from the soldiers in the war. I think that this landmark was a memorial to them as some sort of a signal of respect. 
What surprised me the most was the experience of the silver mine! That was really different and to learn that the workers worked in basically pitch black was shocking but they had to do what they had to do.
A funny story that happened (actually its not that funny, more scary) was Mary and me discovering that our hotel room was haunted and the night resulted in bombarding Alexis and Morgan’s room and having a sleep over!


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