Day 3 in Prague by Anna Gronemeyer

Today we explored Old Town square and central Prague, learning about different architectural styles, memorials for important people of Prague, and then to the National Theater of Prague for an opera.
Prague is so rich in history and life-changing periods of time. Even though we learned a lot today, it still feels like we have tons more to see and explore! Here are little tidbits of what I learned today: after the fall of the Berlin wall, the Czechoslovakian people overthrew their communist government, this was called ‘the Velvet Revolution.’
Two young men were so upset with communism in the Czech Republic in 1968, they lit themselves on fire in protest, and there is a memorial for them in Wenceslas Square in Prague. the flooding of 2002 in Prague was devastating, killed a dozen people, and caused damage to many European cities.
My favorite part of the day was where I went for lunch. Mrs. Tallman took a group of students and I to one of her favorite restaurants, this one being a vegan Vietnamese restaurant. Words cannot describe how delish and satisfying this meal was!
The best part of my day was going to Burger King with Angela and attempting to order. The cashier and I had some difficulty trying to understand each other, but i managed to order my kids meal and she was surprised and happy to hear the only Czech phrase we both know very well: dekuji!, said with smiles on our faces and a laugh as we walked away.

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